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Business Matchmaking

Welcome to The Source Engine - the top online business matchmaking site. Whatever product or service you're looking for, The Source Engine can put you in touch with a number of businesses in your area who can complete your task or provide you with your chosen product in a quick and professional manner. All the businesses listed on The Source Engine website are thoroughly checked and tested so you can rest assured you're only dealing with the best businesses in your industry every time you use The Source Engine.

How it works

The Source Engine has been designed to save your business valuable time and money and the process couldn't be simpler! Forget wasting hours browsing the internet to find a suitable service provider or supplier for your industry. Instead enter your product requirements or service specifications into the 'Request for Quote' form and in 24 hours you'll be emailed a number of suitable quotes at the right price and within your deadline. All the quotes you receive are no obligation which means it's completely up to you if you decide to go with one of these high quality suppliers or decide to look elsewhere. Our service is completely free for those looking to buy a service or product so you can feel confident your business' finances are protected every time you use The Source Engine.

Our Providers

The Source Engine has a vast database of UK Facilities service providers in every industry so you can feel confident we'll find the best business match for you. Whether you're looking for bathing aids for the Care Facilities industry or compliance services for the Risk Management industry, The Source Engine is here to help. The site has been designed specifically to match businesses who require a product or service with the perfect supplier or provider for them so we really do have everyone's best interests at heart.