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How it works

Working in partnership with our sister company, Forum Events Ltd., means we have access to a database of thousands of facilities decision makers, and furthermore, through the numerous events we hold throughout the year, we have 'insider knowledge' of who wants what and when!

As with the delegates to our events, we validate every enquiry and ensure it meets our-and your- requirements. From there it's sent to you and up to four other selected suppliers. We include the buyer contact information, details of their product or service enquiry, potential budget, timescale and any other spec. You then contact your new potential client directly and quote for their business - Knowing they are in the market to buy!


When you sign up to the Source, we work closely with you, asking you what questions you would like to see on the buyer 'Request for quote' form for your company's products or services, further eliminating any time wasting.


Unlike other lead generation services, we don't charge per enquiry


To order your membership now and to start being listed on The Source Engine and receiving requests for quotes, please complete the form below. If you would like more information and costs of how to sponsor a request for quote form please click below.

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All membership packages include 3 months free. The costs for membership are:

  1. 6 months - £320 + VAT (the 6 months includes 3 months free)
  2. 9 months - £475 + VAT (the 9 months includes 3 months free)
  3. 12 months - £625 + VAT (the 12 months includes 3 months free)

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